• Service Fees

    Service Fees

Your First Consultation is Free

We provide a limited amount of phone counsel at no charge to any of the parties involved in a dispute. Mediation fees are charged on a per-session basis. Typically, sessions are two to four hours, involving two mediators. Participants usually pay an equal share of the fees, unless otherwise agreed upon, or stated differently in a contract or court order.

We Offer a Sliding Scale Fee

Individual fees are adjusted according to a sliding fee scale. Fees are based on the type of situation, the cost, as well as the income of the people or organizations involved. If you can’t pay the standard fees due to economic circumstances, you can apply for a fee reduction. This policy is in accordance with the Revised Code of Washington RCW 7.75.30.
Depending on the case, mediation fees include consultation, a mediation preparation session (approximately one-hour per party), scheduling and administrative time. Communication can take place in person or over the phone.

For workplace sessions between co-workers, the employer typically pays the fee.

% Federal Poverty Level Guidelines Categories
2022 Annual

  Reduced Fee Reduced Fee Reduced Fee Standard Fee
Mediation Fee $25 per session per household $75 per session per household $150 per session per household  
Family Size
≤ 100% of FPL 101% - 200% of FPL 201% - 300% of FPL > 300% of FPL
1 $0-$13,590 $13,591-$27,180 $27,181-$40,770 $40,771+
2 $0-$18,310 $18,311-$36,620 $36,621-$54,930 $54,931+
3 $0-$23,030 $23,031-$46,060 $46,061-$69,090 $69,091+
4 $0-$27,750 $27,751-$55,500 $55,501-$83,250 $83,251+
5 $0-$32,470 $32,471-$64,940 $64,941-$97,410 $97,411+
6 $0-$37,190 $37,191-$74,380 $74,381-$111,570 $111,571+
7 $0-$41,910 $41,911-$83,820 $83,821-$125,730 $125,731+
8 $0-$46,630 $46,631-$93,260 $93,261-$139,890 $139,891+
The first column, number of people in the household, includes both adults and children.
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,720 for each additional person.

Standard Fees

The following are the standard fees CMS charges. These fees are subject to change, and may be adjusted depending on the complexity of the conflict and the number of parties involved in a dispute. CMS can provide a quote for specific cases after an initial consultation. Participating parties usually pay an equal share of these fees, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Fees for family, landlord/tenant and neighbor mediations are due no later than 48 hours prior to mediation services.

Family (Parenting Plans, Elder Care, Parent/Teen) Fees are provided on a sliding fee scale depending on income and range from a $25 co-pay to $250 per party per session. There is an initiating party fee of $25.
Small Claims Mandatory & Voluntary Small Claims Mediation is No Charge
Neighbor/Neighbor $100 per person per session + $25 initiating party fee
Business to Business Mediation $200 per business per session + $25 initiating party fee
Workplace Mediation $250 per hour for session and $100 per hour for prep/coordination
Meeting Facilitation $250 per hour for session and $100 per hour for prep/coordination
Workshops $100 per hour
Consultation $75 per hour
Custom Training $100 per hour (call for quote that includes prep time)
Basic Mediation Training $875 for 40 hour course. Early bird rate is $795.00

Refund Policy

When a session is cancelled less than 48 hours of a scheduled mediation by any party, the entire fee for both parties is non-refundable. Initiating party fees are non-refundable.

Training Refund Policy

Full refunds are given up to 2 weeks prior to scheduled training. Within 2 weeks of training, all refunds can be applied to future trainings. No refunds are given after training begins.

Reduced fees are available for low to very low income households. A fee discount application is required to determine the reduction. RCW7.75 Ability to Pay Mandate.