We also provide custom community and workplace learning opportunities to support teams. Our staff offer a superior product because, as trained mediators, they know how to actively listen providing our clients with learning experiences that meet and often exceed their group’s goals and expectations.

We can offer workshops that range from 2 hours up to a week. Topics range from conflict and dispute resolution, to collaborative negotiating, effective leadership, team building, de-escalation tactics and restorative practices in the schools.

A few of our recent clients include:

  • Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
  • Vancouver YWCA
  • Clark County Food Bank
  • Vancouver Library
  • Department of Corrections
  • Worksource
  • Columbia River Mental Health Foundation


Sometimes groups need an outside facilitator to run an orderly and productive meeting. The group is not in conflict; it simply has a task to do that could be accomplished more effectively with the help of a neutral facilitator. Examples may include retreats, community meetings, long-range planning groups, and goal setting activities. Specially trained facilitators consult with the group about its needs and goals and then facilitate the group meeting to a successful conclusion.