Community Mediation Services youth programs focus on providing conflict resolution resources to students and families. We are dedicated to providing conflict resolution tools to the youth of Clark County. We emphasize collaboration, communication, and empathy to discover non-violent solutions to conflict.

Middle School Peer Mediation

middle schoolPeer mediation is a structure for students to help other students navigate their everyday conflicts. By empowering them to devise their own solutions, students learn valuable lessons and reach a more durable end to their conflict than traditional disciplinary action. Partnering with Vancouver Public Schools, CMS is supporting the growth of peer mediation in middle schools throughout the district.



High School Peer Mediation

high school peer 330The most effective peer mediation programs take a whole district approach to conflict resolution. Therefore, high schools offer an opportunity for the mediators trained in middle school to continue to help the culture of their schools, while training new students to participate in the program. In addition, CMS is committed to providing students a window into the wider world of professional mediation, an important nexus of law and community.